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Author Topic: Writers' Aquarium  (Read 10680 times)
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« Reply #75 on: July 09, 2012, 03:00:24 PM »

I have a wide variety of settings now. Most often, my furry characters simply live in a furry world. No explanations, they just do. No humans, and the history is their own, though it may have some parallels in human space. My most popular piece on FurRag, The Argosiad, falls in this category and has some rather amazing readership statistics considering that the final resolution of the puzzle does not appear. I hope to release the complete version of that story, under the final title Argos of Westvale, as an e-book before much longer.

However, I have also used the post-apocalyptic approach where the furries are survivors after humans destroyed themselves completely. And in at least one setting, furries are originally the product of human genetic experiments who eventually took to space on their own and established their own colonies on other worlds.

The first major attempt I made, Menander of Alexandria which appears on FurRag in part, was an extension of classical Greek myth so as to tie it into the modern era of North America. The furry characters are horses and eagles with a Pegasus or two tossed in. Esoteric much? I'd have thought so, yet the incomplete draft posted here has accumulated substantial readership statistics.

Then there's the oddball story, Oh, Ricky! That's the one I started during the NaNo a couple of years ago, where I recast the characters of what would have otherwise been historical fiction, turning them into furries. That one is satire and parody, intended to be funny (though to get the jokes the reader needs to know some medieval European history and a fair amount of English and French literature.) I have not finished that particular manuscript, but to my surprise, the draft excerpt here on FurRag has been piling up readership statistics at an alarming rate and has now surpassed Menander by a few hundred reads.

The background and setting does seem to help a few readers, often older people, come to grips with what seems to them a peculiar literary motif. Furry readers usually require no such explanation, and may even object to the time the exposition takes up.

As far as what's on the top of my stack at the moment, Taking Flight, the post-Apocalyptic directed largely at a teen readership, is almost ready to go out as an e-book. I'm also committed to release Rolling Stock as an e-book before the end of this year. (Hooves crossed.)
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« Reply #76 on: July 09, 2012, 04:23:15 PM »

I wanted the post-apocalyptic approach because one of the major themes in my story is about not letting history repeat itself, not letting the past control the present too much. I thought having knowledge of a previous species self-extinction via warfare in my furry world would provide yet more incentive to stop a future war. That and, quite frankly, the idea of NOT repeating history is attractive to say the least in America. -_-
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« Reply #77 on: July 11, 2012, 03:03:27 AM »

Thread revival time! Let's here about the current projects everybody's got going on!

I'm still stuck on the same projects I've been working on for the last ten years and I'm still fighting to find the time to work on them.

I tend to use the post-apocalyptic explanation for the existence of the anthro races in my stories as well. It seemed the best fit for the kind of stories I needed to tell. In Wolf River and Wild Rose Country, humans have been extinct for millenia and no visible signs of human civilization remain. While humans are involved in both of those stories, they have been displaced from their realities by forces I haven't yet revealed.

The Gift of a Stranger is a bit different. It needed humans and multiple species of anthros interacting. I have the humans pegged as a dying race but I haven't yet explained why and the reason why the anthro races that exist is something I still need to work out. Now if only I could get that half finished new chapter done...

I'm not entirely stuck in the post-apocalyptic vein, I have a couple of short stories posted here that are nature based and one in a slightly military vein. There a couple more that I have a few notes jotted down that are sci-fi in nature.

And I also remembered how to use this internet thing to find my way back here Grin
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