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Author Topic: Barrag  (Read 254829 times)
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« Reply #3720 on: August 09, 2013, 06:41:21 PM »

It's definitely good to hear from you again. And Erkhyan too, even though I follow him on Twitter. I've actually been doing a fair amount of writing myself; I just finished a novella yesterday which will theoretically be in an anthology from FurPlanet in January. We'll see if it comes together. I should also have a story in the next New Fables when it happens, but there's no ETA on that; I hope it does come together, since it's a story I'm very proud of.

While I suppose SoFurry largely is the wretched hive of yiff and villainy it's painted as, I'll still stand by my observation that I've gotten more comments and plaudits there on non-explicit work than I have anywhere else. The trick is getting a sufficient number of favorites quickly enough after posting that your work shows up on the wrong page -- and statistically that's actually a pretty small number. Of course, I've also posted stuff there that's gotten no attention whatsoever, but that stuff rarely does markedly better on the other sites. (At least, I think it hasn't. I should really run complete statistics some time when I'm bored.)

I still do like the idea of a story archive with enforced editorial standards, although that's functionally not very different from what not too long ago we would have called "a magazine." Smiley And that's an awful lot of work coupled with more hidden catches than might be immediately apparent. I'm pretty sure the reason we have so many open-acceptance archive sites is because that turns this into an engineering/social problem: just give your readers tools to vote on what they consider the best stuff, and problem solved! Except, of course, it really isn't. I don't think this is an insurmountable problem, nor do I think it's just "furries only like porn" or anything else particularly cynical about our audience. Any site that supports favoriting stories, tagging stories and following individual users provides an inordinate amount of metadata that could be fed into a recommendation engine. The problem is that (good) recommendation engines are very tough.
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